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When Was Yggdrasil Created?

The mythical Norse tree Yggdrasil, also known as the tree of life does not appear to have a date of origin.
There is no definitive date of creation that is documented, nor is one even loosely alluded to.

The lack of an origin date for Yggdrasil causes some people to interpret this as there simply not being an origin date, in other words the tree of life Yggdrasil has always existed.

Yggdrasil is said to connect the nine realms, if that’s the case, which world did it start on?
If Yggdrasil started growing on one of the nine realms, did it only begin growing when that realm began?

If Yggdrasil is supposed to connect the nine realms, and if it doesn’t have an origin date, then it would make sense that it didn’t begin on any single realm, as to do so wouldn’t make sense as it would pre-date that realm.

This coupled with the assumption that the Norse didn’t believe that the roots of Yggdrasil didn’t literally wrap around the realm stretching into space between the worlds, opens up the possibility of Yggdrasil existing in another plane, where the connection to the nine realms is more metaphysical and intangible than physical, although this is just a theory.

Evidence to suggest that the tree of life Yggdrasil has no origin date, is that it is mentioned during Ragnarok, and although the tale of Ragnarok states that Yggdrasil trembles and groans, it doesn’t specifically state that it is destroyed.

Since Ragnarok symbolizes the end of everything, but also rebirth, it accurately depicts the cycle of nature, and therefore the tree of life Yggdrasil, which seems to have no beginning and no end.

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