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Yggdrasil Pronunciation - How To Pronounce Yggdrasil Correctly

Learning how to pronounce Yggdrasil can be tricky if you've never heard it spoken aloud before, because it's not a word that sounds the same as it's spelled.

The correct pronunciation would sound similar to eeig-dra-seal (Rolling the “r” in “dra” if you want to sound fancy), broken into 3 syllables.

The “Y” in Yggdrasil is pronounced as the letter i.
The “Ygg” part of Yggdrasil should be pronounced like “eehg”, which should sound like the South African pronunciation of “egg”.

Sometimes it's helpful to try imitating a sound rather than words, here's an example which when typed into Google translate sounds close to the correct Yggdrasil pronunciation, click here.

Click on the little speaker/sound option on the left side of the translation window, ignore the panel on the right completely.

yggdrasil pronunciation

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