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Medusa Ring - front left
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Medusa Ring - front
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Medusa Ring - front dark background
Medusa Ring - front - jute base
Medusa Ring - left jute base
Medusa Ring - right - jute base
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Medusa Ring

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Stainless steel ring depicting the creature Medusa from Greek mythology.

Medusa, who was also referred to as Gorgo, was one of the three Gorgons.
All three Gorgons were sisters, and had venomous living snakes for hair.

Medusa's power (Which could also be considered a curse) was the ability to turn to stone anyone who looked into her eyes.

Two of the Gorgons Stheno and Euryale were immortal, whilst Medusa was not, and was subsequently beheaded by the demigod Perseus.

Perseus used a mirrored shield to approach Medusa which prevented him from being turned into stone. A bold move which paid off.

After Medusa was beheaded, her head still retained it's power to turn to stone anyone who stares into her eyes.

In Greek mythology, jewelry with a depiction of Medusa head was worn by the Olympian deities Athena and Zeus as a protective pendant.

Some historical Greek rulers also considered the depiction of Medusa to imply divine birth or protection.

Comes in US ring sizes 6 to 13.
Please use our handy ring size comparison chart to find your correct size.

Dimensions: 33mm height, 28mm width, band width 7mm at it's narrowest point
Weight: 33.22g
Material: Stainless steel