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Wolf Head Viking Bangle
Wolf Head Viking Bangle
Wolf Head Viking Bangle
Wolf Head Viking Bangle

Wolf Head Viking Bangle

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This viking themed bangle has both it's ends capped with wolf heads.
Good for sending a subconscious message that you're a bold and brave individual.

In Norse mythology, wolves are frequently used to refer to Fenrir, said to be the most frightening of monsters.

The main body of the bangle has a twisting style, with a solid line alternating with a beaded line.

The bangle comes in 2 styles, silver plated or gold plated, with an iron core.  Only the silver plated version is displayed (We'll post pictures of the gold plated variant asap), but we do have the gold plated version in stock as well.

  • Metal: Iron with a color choice of either gold or silver.
  • Diameter: At it's widest point across is approximately 74mm measured from the outer edge, with an internal diameter of approximately 64mm
  • Weight: Approximately 36 grams